1:00 PM - Gates
1:15 PM - China Cats
2:30 PM - Hot Buttered Rum
4:00 PM - Midnight North
5:30 PM - SCI (Set 1)
7:30 PM - SCI (Set 2)


12:00 PM - Beach Train departs Boardwalk
12:30 PM - Gates
1:00 PM - Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters
2:30 PM - Dirtwire
4:00 PM - Railroad Earth
5:30 PM - SCI (Set 1)
7:30 PM - SCI (Set 2)


12:00 PM - Beach Train departs Boardwalk
12:30 PM - Gates
1:00 PM - Achilles Wheel
2:30 PM - Brokedown in Bakersfield
4:00 PM - ALO
5:30 PM - SCI (Set 1)
7:30 PM - SCI (Set 2)

* Times subject to change




The past three decades have written a story packed full of surreal experiences, epic moments, groundbreaking involvement and huge accomplishments. The String Cheese Incident has been recognized for their commitment to musical creativity and integrity, for their community spirit, philanthropic endeavors, and for their innovative approach to the business of music.



Midnight North takes its cue from the fertile Bay Area music scene. Formed in early 2012 by singer/songwriters Grahame Lesh and Elliott Peck, whose harmonies came as naturally as the initial songs, along with bassist Connor O'Sullivan. The band's current-day lineup was completed when drummer/banjo player Nathan Graham came aboard after a chance meeting at a benefit concert in Philadelphia in 2016 following the release of its third, and breakthrough, album, Under the Lights, in 2017. In the early days, the group was able to grow as a unit thanks to an association with Lesh's family venue, Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, California.


Hot Buttered Rum gets its hands dirty planting songs with roots in Appalachia and branches in California. Five-string banjo and five-alarm fiddle dovetail with doghouse bass to frame the voices of the sextet's two busy songwriters. Twenty years in, with fresh mud under its fingernails, HBR's driven, danceable music continues to find its way into the hearts of fans nationwide


Matt Hartle, Scott Cooper, Steve Sofranko, Roger Sideman and Michael Owens are the premier Grateful Dead tribute band in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area. The current lineup of the China Cats have been performing the music of the Grateful Dead since 2010.



The celebrated New Jersey quintet-Todd Sheaffer [lead vocals, acoustic guitar], Tim Carbone [violins, electric guitar, vocals], John Skehan [mandolin, bouzouki, piano, vocals], Carey Harmon [drums, percussion, vocals], and Dave Speranza [upright & electric bass]-chronicle the twists and turns of this journey through eloquent songcraft, bluegrass soul, and rock 'n' roll spirit.


Dirtwire stands poised between ancient Mother Earth and modern technology, a blend of ethnomusicology and the psychedelic trance state, gut-bucket delta blues and what the band variously dubs "back-porch space cowboy blues, swamptronica, and electro-twang." It's a sound informed by Dirtwire's travels and performances around the globe, where East meets West and North joins South. From the favelas in Brazil, Femi Kuti's Shrine in Lagos, Tokyo's bluegrass clubs, Ayahuasca ceremonies in Central America, Gamelan performances in Bali, desert festivals in the Australian Outback, and the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's modernized new capital Astana, the band spreads its message by building bridges across musical cultures in their own unique way.


Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters are an all-female roots band from Portland, OR. Elmore Magazine lauded their live show as "a glowing, spirited hootenanny that gives the people what they want - a rip-roaring good time." With what Pop Matters describes as "tenacious swagger," singer-songwriter Ashleigh Flynn debuted an all-female roots band in homage to "Rosie the Riveter" in 2018 with their self-titled debut to stellar reviews until the COVID19 pandemic shut down the live music industry. The Riveters persevered with the release of a live album in 2021, to more glowing reviews and multiple major West Coast festival plays. Having survived, even thrived, as a band through the pandemic, in 2023, Flynn & the Riveters continue to break boundaries - like the Rosie's of the World War II production era. With a summer tour in the books, the band hits the road soon and will put the final touches on its second record for release in late 2024.



ALO stands for Animal Liberation Orchestra - because music liberates the inner animal, of course. As liberated as they come, Zach Gill, Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz, and Steve Adams have certainly been at this a long time. The trio met while still pre-teens in Saratoga, California, where they quickly connected through their love of music.

In junior high, they got the idea to put together a band for their eighth-grade talent show. Zach recounts the struggle of the emerging artist thusly: "It's hard to get all the pieces right, you know, you're chasing a dream and an abstract vision, and you're going through puberty. It's kind of a lot." Lebo elaborates, "We met at a time in our lives where we were coming of age and craving identity. Music, and more specifically, our band, gave us a vessel with which we could 'set sail' on the ocean of life".


Brokedown in Bakersfield is a collective of acclaimed artists joining forces in a spirited tribute to the Bakersfield sound: California country music made raw and rocking, spiked with twang and sweetened with heart-felt harmonies. First appearing to hundreds of music fans on a sunny Saturday morning at the 2011 High Sierra Music Festival, the group features Lebo of ALO on pedal steel, Scott Law on Telecaster, singer Nicki Bluhm of Gramblers fame, Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips on vocals and acoustic guitar, along with rhythm section - Steve Adams of ALO on bass and Dave Brogan, former ALO drummer.

Achilles Wheel celebrates Jerry Garcias birthday with a tribute show featuring the music of Jerry and the JGB!

Achilles Wheel is a California band that blurs the lines between genres with a mix of infectious high energy dance beats and stark lyrical ballads. Roots Rock storytelling combined with dance hall psychedelia.